Whatever topic you choose to focus on in life and to push yourself into, it always requires time, effort and motivation. Life goals or even a hobby that you want to focus on will put you on a productive process of skill learning, skill updating, mental journey of ups and downs, success as well as failures.

Krav Maga or any tactical training is no different.

Anyone who knows me knows that my professional life is divided into, SANSHOU and traditional wrestling on the one hand, tactical training and Krav Maga on the other hand.

These two do overlap with many things but they require attention in different areas. In both I get to meet different communities around the world. Within the professional combat sports community, in which each fighter takes on a project, builds a supportive and instructive training system, practices complementary strength and conditioning training, opens himself to new strategies and focuses on the fundamentals with endless repetition. On the other hand, the international Krav Maga community, where unfortunately it is rare to find a similar attitude. This community is made up of amateurs, security personnel, military operatives or people who have chosen tactical training and self defense as an essential part of their work or life often refer to technical training and knowledge without establishing the same work ethic and mindset as the professional combat sports community. Why shouldn’t the Krav Maga community not strive to build a training system to optimize their skills sets in becoming more professional just like an elite athlete?

It is clear to me that after this paragraph many trainers from different organizations will claim differently, or will try to glorify themselves and their form of training. But honestly …, I have been travelling around the world doing hundreds of seminars in the past 10 years, I’ve trained units in Israel and around the world, instructed security and CPOs teams at the highest levels and unfortunately I can count on one hand the “elite athlete” mindset fighters I have met over the years.The decision or choice for me to focus on Krav Maga or any tactical self defense training is an important, it is different than any other professional sports because here it is not a hobby or a competitive environment but a survivalist mindset that comes to build me physically and mentally for any threat that may arise on the street, it is not preparation for a MMA fight or a wrestling Championship, it is a daily preparation for a reality where I can move around safer and more secure.

Just like anything focusing on Krav Maga requires professional physical and mental preparation. It requires an understanding and mindset that will maximize my body as well as my skills and I will never settle for the knowledge I have already acquired, never compromise and feel satisfied, never chasing rank or titles for my progress, but rather keep constantly seeking new goals and challenges.

Putting politics aside, avoiding all nonsense I rather focus on a community that will empower me and teach me to not engage in anything that will stand in the way of my self-improvement and the sense of security of my immediate environment.

Here is my suggestion….for all of you that want to achieve and embrace this mindset . I am available to help where we can learn and develop together. Now is the time for tactical training to get out of the “compromising majority” and start bringing in more efficient and serious professionals …because choosing the knowledge that will save me in real life situations is like taking the blue pill in the matrix . Once you’ve chosen it’s time to sink, learn and develop.


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