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We offer training on the highly-effective Israeli handgun point and rifle ‘instinctive’ shooting method.  The technique is based on developing the shooter’s natural ‘instinctive reactions’ to enable to quickly engage close range targets.

Instinctive shooting techniques are taught in The Israel Defence Forces IDF, as part of the training of special forces, and as preparation of infantry regiments for a mission.

The method is based on the connection between a proper grip, a quick entry into a stable position, and the insertion of the weapon with a “stab” in the direction of the target.

In the course we work according to an orderly firing plan that is designed to bring the beginner shooters to a good level quickly and likewise the advanced shooter to a professional shooting level.

We will learn different shooting situations, working against varying ranges and targets, moving between a long rifle and a pistol while on the move, analysing targets according to risk level and range.

Our training teams train in the IDF, within private security companies around the world and on professional high-profile security courses within police forces in South America.

The Israeli Point Shooting course can be designed around any bespoke requirements or taken as part of the IKF Security Guards Course. 

We Also offer bespoke training to meet any bespoke requirements

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