My IKF  Instructor Journey 

I’ve trained various forms of self defence, martial arts on & off for most of my life. During this journey I have been training Krav Maga for the last 10 years. 
I first found the IKF on YouTube & I was very impressed with what I was seeing, not only with there techniques & protocols but also with the way they train & conduct themselves. 
After looking into the IKF more I decided to attend a two day seminar held by Amit Himelstein & I was blown away & immediately wanted more. 
The IKF had everything I wanted. 
After more research I knew the IKF was right for me. I’ve always wanted to teach self defence & I was very excited when I found out the IKF was running a instructor course. I knew this was what I wanted to do. 
I took my wife & my two girls (5 & 7) with me to the 4 day course for support as this was a big deal for me & I wanted them there to share it with me & I’m glad I did!
Amit, Bill, the guys from Israel & everyone there was so welcoming to me my family i couldn’t of asked for a better experience. 
The training was world class, very well set out & I learnt everything I needed to go out & teach with confidence. 
The evenings were great fun for all of us & my girls instantly fell in love with Amit & the guys from Israel (bat man & robin)
They took the time to entertain us & make us all feel welcome & it made the whole thing really special. 
We all made a lot of good friends during the course & it was a honour to be there. 
We went as a family of 4 & we left a family of 40. 
Since the course I’ve run my first IKF seminar witch was a great success with IKF brothers coming down to Bristol from as far as Derby to show there support. This is what makes the IKF special, no other organisation I’ve encountered has the support & family feel of the IKF. 
Me & my wife are now planning on a trip to Israel this year to continue my training, meet up with friends & have a holiday. 
My journey into teaching has only just started & I feel proud to be part of the IKF & it feels great to represent them. 
Adam Davey
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