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IKF instructors have service records in the Military, Police Forces, Royal Close Protection Units and the Special Air Service.


CREDENTIALS: Sayeret Matkal


CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

Lt Colonel (Res) Chaim Peer has an outstanding military career serving at the highest level.

His Martial Arts and Combat achievements are:
Kapap military system co-founder (Soke)
6th Dan: Aki Yamazaki Sensei, Jiu Jitsu
7th Dan: Kancho Gadi Skornik, Gadi Kenpo Jitsu
5th Dan: The Japanese Federation of Martial Arts
9th Dan: Dong-Koo Yudo Kwan in Korea
1st Dan: Olympic medallist Anton Gissing Sensei Judo
3rd Dan: Patrick McCarthy Sensei, Karate
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Professor John Machado
Judo student of Olympic medallist Willem Ruska
Worldwide military and special forces trainer
Certified coach in England, Belgium, Romania and Israel
Student of Imi Lichtenfeld the Krav Maga founder
Certified Chin Na Instructor by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Boston
Certified Military Survival Jiu Jitsu Instructor
Certified Commando hand-to-hand Combat instructor
Budo Magazine Hall of Fame awarded
Certified Diving Instructor
Certified Rappelling Instructor – Wingate Sports University
Member of the Israeli Rugby National team and Coach
Vital points and pressure points specialist
Trained Paramedic
Ironman finisher and Marathon runner
Long distance open water competitor

FUNCTION: Lead Instructor & Program Developer

CREDENTIALS: IDF Air Force & Infantry


CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

My name is Sergeant Major Amit Himelstein (ID 040336927, IAA 6927491), I am the owner and chief instructor of Israel Sansho Academy – Martial Arts and Functional Training, the head instructor and director of the International IKF organization. Operating security teams training Krav Maga and security methods for private groups as well as governments around the world. I am The Israeli representative of the World Wushu Federation in the field of traditional wrestling and the coordinator and lead instructor of the Multifight instructors courses at Tel Aviv University’s. Since 1999-2012 I was in an infantry combat team and in the last 6 years I have been serving as a combat instructor in the air force,- operating a training programs for combat unit that specializes in security training, arrests, Krav Maga, shooting and intelligence gathering. Our training  department provides service to a number of different units along with my training as part of the training sessions for the Paratrooper Brigade

FUNCTION: Israel sanshou lead instructor, IKF and Multifight international instructor

CREDENTIALS: IDF Infantry special units (Egoz)


CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

Avishai is an experienced fighter with experience in dozens of MMA, Sanshou and BJJ competitions. Warrior decorated with achievements. Black belt in SHUAIJIAO under Amit Himelstein. Israel sanshou lead instructor, IKF and Multifight international instructor. He is a combat soldier in an elite IDF unit and a reservist in his original team, leading the instructors’ seminars with Amit, leads the operational communications and the medics training in our security courses.

FUNCTION: IKF Security and tactical shooting instructor

CREDENTIALS: Infantry special units,  CPO Planner and team leader. Specialist Security advisor to Security teams at Embassies and Airports.


CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

Eran is an Israeli CPO and IKF CQB & shooting instructor.

Leads our Israeli point shooting and active shooting courses.

Eran is currently serving as one of the instructors in the Air Force’s training team.

FUNCTION: Israel sanshou special needs projects lead instructor, Multifight instructor, “Fight Like a Girl” head instructor

CREDENTIALS: IDF pre-training squad leader


CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

Sanshou, Shuai Jiao brown belt under the Israeli organization. 2Dan karate black belt.

Noa has been practicing martial arts for over 23 years in Israel, China and Taiwan and has competed in competitions in Israel and around the world.

She specialises in children’s training programs and self-defence programs for women and girls.

In 2013, Noa was certified as a Kapap instructor under the International Kapap Federation, and in 2015 she was certified as a multi-fight instructor by Tel Aviv University.

Noa also Certified as an instructor by Wingate institute- School of Sports Professions.

Today Noa leads the IKF’s “Fight Like Girl” projects.

FUNCTION: Instructor

CREDENTIALS: Military, Federal Customs Agent, Officer in Correcting Facility for Youth’s prisoners, Private Security


CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

Marcel started his MA career in January 2000, became a black belt in Full Contact Kickboxing in 2005. A certified Krav Maga Instructor in 2007, and a certified Kapap Instructor in 2013. He started teaching tactical MA in 2007, since 2013 as a professional.

During his basic training in Army he was trained as an infantry, security missions’ soldier, and paramedic.

After that he was set in for training KFOR / SFOR soldiers in Anti – riot – techniques, crowd controls, persons and vehicles searching and arrest techniques.

After his time in Army, he served for German Customs Agency and in Correcting Facility.

During a period of the last 18yrs he worked as Door man / security supervisor in Club, Stadium, Concert and Event – Security assignments.


German (native)

English (fluent)

FUNCTION: Co-Director (Training Development)

CREDENTIALS: Senior military and Police force (Stand2)

LOCATION: United Kingdom

CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

Paul joined the Royal Corps of Signals when he was 16 years old and completed two tours of duty in Germany before successfully completing selection for 264 S.A.S. Signal Squadron

For the next eight years he served as a Special Forces communicator, engaged in training and operations around the world in often highly challenging circumstances. It was during this time that he was exposed to some of the most realistic and effective skills-based training imaginable. Paul gained an incredibly wide range of operational experience around the world and obtained many training related qualifications including Jungle Warfare Instructor, Combat Survival Instructor and Physical Training Instructor. In 1991 having achieved all he had set out to achieve Paul made the decision to leave the army and joined West Mercia Police. However, his military experience continued in the T.A. with several years as a specialist trainer with the West Midlands Specialist Training team. Paul initially qualified as an armed response officer and was involved in a number of live firearms operations. In 1996 he was appointed the tactical trainer for the Telford division, responsible for planning and implementing the training and delivery of all defensive tactics and public order training within the division. He was fully qualified in all aspects of police defensive tactics to ‘train the trainer’ level and in many related subjects such as methods of entry, manual handling and water safety. As a national public order tactical advisor he gave tactical advice to senior commanders on a number of high profile events and incidents of public disorder. Paul also produced many of the training programmes used throughout the force and as the most qualified and experienced trainer was often called upon to provide expert witness testimony and detailed reports in cases related to the use of force.

Paul has amassed a wide range of educational qualifications including a first-class honours degree in Adult Education and is a qualified assessor and internal verifier. Whilst completing his degree he began to research in depth the link between training and application in high stress situations. This continuing research subsequently formed the basis for the nationally accredited and operationally proven Counter Aggression and Response to Emergencies (C.A.R.E.) system. This is a unique programme designed to counter aggression and violence in the workplace. The system is based on extensive operational experience, sound educational theory and ongoing research. As well as designing high quality presentations and training materials, Paul has developed a number of commercially successful e-learning programmes. He continues to develop and refine his graphic design skills and is currently studying to qualify as a Certified Security Consultant.

FUNCTION: Instructor

CREDENTIALS: Military /   IKF Instructor and Founder of Global KAPAP.

LOCATION: United Kingdom

CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

Adrian started his love of Martial Arts back in the 1970’s in the UK. When he was a late teen he moved to Israel where he studied Karate attending competitions and courses led by Max Azuly and Dr Rony Kluger, many of them at the famous Wingate Sports Institute. IDF Army service saw Adrian introduced to Military Combat Krav Maga, where he became an accomplished practitioner and weapons expert. After leaving the Army, Adrian dedicated himself to honing his love of Karate, Jujitsu and Krav Maga, studying under several organisational

heads and leading and instructing classes in different locations around the World. In 2011, Adrian founded his own respected organisation, (BKA) Global Kapap. Today, Adrian’s network of clubs can be found in many locations around the UK and across Europe where he regularly teaches seminars to fellow Instructors and students alike. His main emphasis has always been on reality training with simple and easy to learn protocols, quick and effective techniques. Adrian’s hunger to continually learn, with the mantra “Sometimes an Instructor, always a student” has seen him affiliate his organisation to the IKF in Israel, which keeps his methods close to the source and is indeed a fully qualified Senior Instructor for the IKF.

FUNCTION: Instructor



CONTACT: contact@ikfcqb.com

Arkadiusz started his training in 2003 when he joined the Polish Army, this is when he became proficient in a multitude of fields.

He is skilled in edge weapons, hand to hand combat, guns and assault rifles, after military Arkadiusz spent several years working in security industry as Close Protection Officer, Security Management, CCTV Operator, he also was working in Armed Mobile Patrols, he spent many years working as Door Security Supervisor.

Arkadiusz is Qualified Tactical Firearms Instructor, he is also Instructor for International Kapap Federation and Modern CQC, he is fluent in English and Polish languages.

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