The International KAPAP Federation (IKF) warns that the world of self-defence and tactical combat is changing at an unprecedented and alarming rate.  As a result, the IKF recommends that close protection and tactical combat ‘skills updates’ are undertaken annually to effectively reduce the risk and scale of terror attacks.  By adhering to this advice, they explain that counter terror units will be better prepared, and ultimately lives spared, simply by maintaining up-to-date protocols and techniques.   

Amit Himelstein, Head Instructor/ Program Developer for the IKF and IDF Air Force & Infantry, Israel, commented: “Even if you were the best instructor within the best military unit in the world, or you have a belt with all the colours of the rainbow, or you have the title of master, expert, or grandmaster – your knowledge and working models still have to be updated. Training and exams are retaken to update skills in order to keep abreast of the changing, dynamic situation the world is facing.”

Counteract Terror by Choosing Active Experience

A lot of fighters, ex-police officers and ex-soldiers, for example who were active in their professions 10-15 years ago are embarking upon careers as training providers.  Unfortunately, if skills are not updated through regular training, they risk not being able to equip their students with the right tools they need to deal with the threats of today.  No matter how competent they were in their heyday.

Assessing the Quality of Training Programmes

The IKF emphasises that before booking on to courses to update skills it is important to ask the question: “How current are your protocols and techniques, are your trainers still active?”  William Gilmour, International Course Director explained: “By selecting a course that has active military serving instructors, you really are effectively separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’ so to speak.  Ensuring value for money is received on training that is fit for purpose to deal with the threats in today’s world. In simplistic terms it can be compared to purchasing virus protection for your pc that is 10 years out of date, albeit with more serious consequences that puts lives in danger.”

Unfortunately, as courses become more commercialised the opportunity to make money can expose people to lies and deceit.  So many organisations and instructors exaggerate their experience, or simply lie about their history and credentials, projects and security companies they have worked.  Sadly, this results in many instructors selling security courses without the relevant work background, knowledge and experience, rendering certificates issued as almost worthless in the professional field.  

Martial Arts Vs Tactical Combat / Self-Defence – the Dangers

It is important to remember that the world of tactical combative and self-defence is different from the world of martial arts.  The difference between hobby and accountability for world safety.

As we are in the ‘information age’ incorrect training techniques are learned from watching edited Youtube videos; such protocols that are not tested under real stress conditions. Likewise, learning security models from instructors without the relevant background or understanding of operational stress, will result in a much worse consequences for the student than a loss on a martial arts mat.

Industry Excellence in Close Protection and more

The IKF is an Israel-based, military, security and civilian training organisation offering specialist and bespoke training as well as operational support to Governments, Corporate/VIP community.  It prides itself in offering high quality courses in close protection, tactical shooting and military combat taught by current serving instructors in the military, law enforcement units and police forces.  So many choose the IKF for training and international protection services because they are renowned in the industry for excellence.

The Israeli Forefront of Knowledge

Being based in Israel, a country recognised around the globe to be at the forefront of counter terror measures, means they are innately informed and able to handle the prevailing threats.  Krav Maga, a form of self-defence and fighting system was developed by the Israel Defence Force. Derived from a combination of techniques such as: boxing, wrestling, Aikido, judo, and karate, realistic fight training, Krav Maja is arguably the best technique used in the world today.  Read more about Krav Maga combative system for Israeli Defence Forces.

The IKF leads the way in security training through their active involvement, constantly updating their techniques and protocols on a weekly basis by field testing. Our professional training such as our Close Protection Officer (CPO) Courses are also independently regulated and certified by Government bodies and the SIA. The clear advantage is that all courses are taught by professionals with real-life experience at the highest level from Military, Law Enforcement and Counter Terror and Close Protection backgrounds.

Those seeking a career in security as a close protection officer, personal protection officer, or organisations looking to update their skills in conflict management, physical intervention, weapons and firearms training, should contact the IKF whom will be happy to advise. telephone:  +44 7817 565170 to discuss.  The next Close Protection Operative level 3 SIA certified course will be held in Poland on the 30th March – 14th April 2019.

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