In March 2018 Israel IKF 6 days seminar took place in a beautiful kibbutz of Sdot Yam in the Cesarea region.
For 6 days students had an opportunity to learn and train IKF protocols, had a possibility to learn other point of view from Ran Steinberg of Dennis Survival Jiu Jitsu, had a night navigation desert trip that ended with swim in a Dead Sea and many more.
Everyday trainings started at 0630 with a mobility and striking training at the beach and then students moved to dojo for protocols trainings and Ein Shemer kibbutz to train MMA with Israel Sanshou team. IKF’s Founder – Chaim Peer gave the students several mental trainings which pushed mental and physical boarders of the students.Below You can find photos and a brief video from this incredible event.

We would like to thank once again all the students and participants for being with us, training hard and exchanging Your experience with us.

We are waiting foreward seeing all of You again!
Stay tuned for more training camps!


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