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The IKF is an Israel-based Military, Security and Civilian training organisation offering specialist and bespoke training, as well as operational support to Governments, Corporate/VIP community. We educate and offer security protection through our global network of clubs and training facilities.


We are Israel’s leading specialist training provider for Military Units, Law Enforcement, Security Teams, Close Protection Officers and Civilians.

Since foundation in 1948, Israel has been in a constantly state of alert. Defending its borders both from its neighbours and from an internal terror threat. This has created the demand for comprehensive and imaginative solutions to counter act the ever-evolving threats.

Israel’s security services are, therefore, globally recognised as being at the forefront of counter terror measures.

‘Survival’ has unfortunately become ‘a way of life’ for people being living in Israel. The need for self-protection has resulted in the popularity of martial arts amongst the civilian population. National service is mandatory for both men and women.

Krav Maga was developed by the Israel Defence Force as a self-defence and fighting system derived from a combination of techniques: boxing, wrestling, Aikido, judo, and karate, realistic fight training. This refined technique of self-defence is, arguably, the best in the world.

The IKF was co-founded in 1998 by Lt. Col (Res) Chaim Peer who enjoyed a distinguished career in Israel’s most elite counter terror unit, Sayeret Matkal. Chaim’s challenge was to develop Krav Maga into an advanced set of protocols that could be used by Special Forces units and be fully adaptable to a variety of threats. Chaim named this set of evolving protocols ‘Kapap’.

Today, the IKF operates around the Globe through a network of Close Quarter Battle (CQB) combat clubs. Our CQB clubs focus on raising the standards for Civilian training. Our highly trained instructors can adapt programmes to suit male or female students and those with physical or mental disabilities.

IKF Mission

“To become the market leading training centre provider for any individual or organisation whose responsibility is protecting others.”

IPS Mission

“To become the supplier of choice of the most competently trained Close Protection Officers and Security teams Worldwide.”

Close Protection – Security – Firearms Training

What differentiates the IKF from other training and solutions organisations is that our instructors have many years of experience and are currently serving in elite units within the military and law enforcement.

Our team’s active involvement enables us to offer the most current, continuously field-tested, protocols that are based on actual current and operational, front-line experience.

We regularly deliver professional courses around the Globe to Government Organisations, Close Protection teams, Security Companies, Military Units and Law Enforcement organisations.

Our Close Quarter Battle (CQB) courses are regarded as industry leading.

Israeli Protection Services (IPS)

IPS is an experienced, professional provider of IKF Close Protection Officers (CPO), bodyguards and security personnel to Government organisations, corporates, VIP community, high net worth individuals and their families, security details and event management companies.

We advise and select the right calibre personnel to manage varying degrees of challenging and dangerous situations.

IKF Tactical Training

The IKF is uniquely able to deliver specialist training in a variety of security areas:

  • Advanced Close Protection, Conflict Management and Security training
  • Tactical Firearms training – weapons handling / Israeli point shooting
    Unrivalled team of ‘active’ trainers imparting continuously field tested & current protocols
  • SIA Licenced & Highfield certified Close Protection Operative course
  • Provider of bespoke courses designed to address specific needs
  • In Israel, our instructors have service records in some of the most prestigious military units, leading and planning security details for Government Ministers, protection at embassies and airports.

Our UK Instructors have served in 264 Communications Squadron (SAS), Royal and Government Close Protection Detail and run a successful conflict management company delivering training to some of the most recognised Companies in the World.

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